Occupational Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a core value for our company and an integral part of our culture at every level, we keep our workers safe from serious injury, and that we are all committed to do everything humanly possible to ensure that Everybody Goes Home Safe every day.”

Hilal Cement, in connection with all areas of its operation, is committed to maintaining an environment that is compatible with the aim of ensuring that the health and safety of all employees and non-employees in the manufacture, maintenance, and or delivery of its products.
It’s committed to eliminating occupational injuries and accidents and aims at the highest level of awareness by fostering continuous improvement process through the implementation of effective management systems and visible leadership as key factor of success.

Hilal Cement shall works towards providing a safe and healthy working environment at its service shop, and to take adequate steps to prevent accidents & injury to health arising out of the course of working by minimizing, as far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment.
Workers are trained and equipped to carry out their work in the safest way.
Each individual is responsible for adopting safe behavior during daily activities and making ‘Safe work, healthy lifeWe Hilal Cement, believes that the Safety and Health of our Employees and safe working environment are fundamental to our operations. We will ensure this by providing and maintaining safe working conditions, continuous education and training.

Hilal Cement main objective is to actualize a healthier and safer working environment in all the sites and facilities, by adopting adequate steps to prevent accidents and injuries, in addition to developing the communication initiatives to promote a preventative safety and health culture. Moreover, we aim to create a trusty relationship with employees and subcontractors, in which will contribute to the improvement of safety dynamics on site, and in order to accomplish our goals, the company has organized and carried out tons of safety orientation and training hours for employees to enforce our safety polices, emergency preparedness, risk assessment, and safety procedures.