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Hilal Cement Company K.S.C.C.

Hilal Cement Company K.S.C.C.- Kuwait was established in 1984 as a closed Joint Stock Kuwaiti Company.
In August 2007, Suez Cement Company acquired 51% of the total capital shares of Hilal Cement Company.
Hilal Cement is the third largest player in the cement business and manages two cement import terminals in southern Kuwait. In 2008, the company purchased ALMahaliya ready mix concrete company, a ready mixed concrete producer with average annual capacity of production about 400,000 m3.
The vertical integration process in the ready mixed concrete has further strengthened after the acquisition of Kuwait German Ready Mix and Gulf Ready Mix.
The new local production structure combines the operations of Al Mahaliya and Kuwait German Ready mix Gulf Ready Mix (about 900,000 m3) yearly, making the Group one of the largest RMC producers.

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